Welcome Back!

As you have noticed I haven’t been blogging for a while but I have still been looking if I have had any new comments. Unforunetly I haven’t got any brand new ones but some from months ago.

Well, now lets get all of that stuff out of the way and here is my welcome back post!

So now I  want to welcome back everyone! Hopefully I will  get all of you guys back because I have lost a lot of my used to be, biggest fans.

When I have been away I have been looking at my class blog! Click here to see,  my class blog.

The school holidays are coming up and I think everyone is really excited!

Here is a list of things I will be doing on the holidays!

  • hanging  with my neighbours.
  • staying up really late.
  • going to my brothers party.
  • running around.
  • having friends over.
  • having sleepovers (maybe.)
  • going in my pool.
  • eating lollies.
  • snuggling in my zebra blankie.

Comment on:

What are you doing on the holidays?

Are you going to comment on my class blog?