My Awesome Mascot!

I now have a new mascot and her name is Hippy! I got the idea of having a mascot from my class blog the 4KM and 4KJ blog. My mascot is a toy from my room and it is one of my favourite toys. Hippy is a pink hippo and I got her when I was four. She loves staying inside and blogging on her computer. Hippy has alot of friends in my room and she comunitcates with lots of toys around the world on her computer.


Now these are some of the things that Hippy likes,

Hippy loves the colour blue even though she is pink.

Her favourite food is grass and some water plants.

Hippy is a bit different with drinks so her favourite drink is coke.

And some of Hippys hobbies are, wathching a storm, seeing her friends and blogging.


When Hippy saw me blogging, she aksed alot of questions about it and then wanted to learn how to blog. So that is how she loves blogging so much and almost does it everyday.

           Here is a picture of Hippy blogging!

 I made Hippy a computer so she doesn’t have to use mine all the time and that is what Hippy is blogging on.

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6 thoughts on “My Awesome Mascot!

  1. Dear Jess

    what a great post! the mascot looks really good. what a great idea to have your own mascot, you have a good brain to think with.

    Got to go,
    From your friend

    • Dear Heath,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I also think it is a great page. My mascot is really cool, she blogs all day long! Also thanks for saying I have a good brain to think with.

      See you soon,
      Jess 😆

  2. Dear Jess,

    Your mascot is relly cute it looks like it ♥ to blog.
    I do have a specal toy and its name Raindeer Emily.

    Happy blogging

    • Dear Kadyn,

      Thank you so much for your comment, you are a fabulous blogger!

      Also thanks for saying my mascot is really cute, I think it is too. And yes it does love to blog, that is why it is my mascot. Raindeer Emily sounds really cute too!

      See you soon,
      Jess 😆

    • Dear Skye and Matilda,

      Thank you or the comment, you are such great bloggers!
      I am also here with Hippy and she would be delighted to be friends with Matilda!

      I have already seen your post but thank you for the link anyway.
      I think Hippy and Matilda should have a play sometime soon.

      Jess and Hippy 😀

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