The Revealing Of the Mystery Picture Of People!

Now it is time for the revealing. I know you have all been waiting for it and I also know that I took a while but it is now time. The Mystery Picture Person is…………

Harry Styles!

We also have one winner well done to Hannah!

Better luck next time!

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Do you know who Harry Styles is?

Did you like my new idea?

1000 Visits!

On the 21th of August 2012 (which was yesterday) I have finally got to 1000 visits on my blog! I am so happy that I got to 1000 visits, I have been waiting for this moment since I first got my blog. I don’t have a cluster map like some other blogs I have a globe. A globe is like a cluster map but just shaped like the world. When you have visitors on your blog it comes up with the dot of where the people are visiting from. On my blog you can scroll down and you will see my globe, my globe also says how many visits it has come up with.

When  I first got my blog my sister was getting all her friends to comment on my blog, so I got heaps of visits and all my friends and some other people I know, were commenting on my new and spectacular blog! I am not sure how long it took me to get to 1000 visits but I think it took quite a long time.

Here is a picture of me!

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My Favourite Television Shows!


I have alot of favourite television shows and I just can’t name them all. I also think that alot of other people have favourite television shows. I really love the T.V it is like reading a chapter book but with pictures. Anyway I think that I like books beter than the television, it helps your brain alot better. Books are really good and I wish that I could read them all day.

Here are some of my favourite television shows!

Austin And Ally,

Once Upon A Time,

Home And Away,


The X Factor,

The Voice

Australias Got Talent,

So Random


Shake It Up!

Those are some of my favourite television shows.  I still Have lots more but I just can’t name them all.

I really love the T.V but you just can’t watch it all the time.

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What are some of your favourite T.V Shows?

Do you watch the T.V all the time?

Do you think books or the T.V is better?

Bike Ed Camp!

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On Monday 4Km and 4KJ went to the Blue Light Youth Camp, which we call it Bike Ed Camp.  At Leopold Primary Schoool, every grade four, gets to go on a Bike Ed Camp. All the grade fours can’t all go at once so 4KM and 4KJ went on Monday and come back on Wednesday, then 4Jl and 4PR arrive on Wednesday and come back on Friday. I really enjoyed Bike Ed camp and I wish I could go again.

 Now I will tell you a little about my trip,

Firstly we arrived at camp and went to the dining room to find out our cabins and meet every one at the camp. The dining room was very big and there were alot of tables. At the camp we have to do jobs but only once and we do it in groups. Then we had to eat our snack and lunch, (That we had to put in seperate bags) and after that we got to go to our cabins and set everything out.

After unpacking everything and getting lots of things set we went out and found our bikes. The bikes had to be perfect for your size so it took a while to find my bike. You also had  numbers on your bike and we have a special drink bottle to put your number on, so you don’t forget it. I really want to remember the camp so I’m going to always remember my number. (Which was 260.) When we had finshed getting our bikes the people showed us a track that we had to walk on first and then we had to ride on it.

I  reallly loved the ride, but at the end there was a very steep hill. It took a while to get up but I still got there in the end. The day wasn’t that busy but Tuesday was. Finally it was dinner time and then bed. I didn’t get very much sleep but I did in the end.


Well we woke up quite early and then we had to get dressed because there is a really big day ahead of us. Firstly we went on a big bike ride and then a break for lunch. After lunch we went on a small bike ride but it was still a bit long. Then all that bike riding we had a really huge break and we got to stay in our cabins and talk. We also got to have some free time and that was really fun. In free time there was mini golf an obstacle course and lots more things. Then all the people for dinner duty had to get ready and have their showers.

Now it was dinner time! We had chicken nuggets with vegies and it was so delicious. That was probably my favourite dinner so far. Well actually it was. After that amazing dinner we all had to go back to our cabins and get ready for our disco and DVD! Some people bought party clothes but I didn’t so I just came in a jumper and some leggins.

First at the disco we had someone or a group of people from each unit come up and do a performance! My unit sung a song to Call Me Maybe, but I didn’t go up there because I didn’t want to do it. Then everybody had to get up and dance so I did. I had so much fun at the disco. Then Miss Jordan said everybody get in a circle so we did and then she called out a unit and they had to get up and dance in front of everybody, but it was really fun!

After the disco we all watched a movie and the movie was…….

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid!

The movie was so awesome even though I have seen it so many times.


Firstly we had to wake up and get dressed ready for breakfast and our big walk to Mount Tarrangower. We had aleady done half way of the walk but now we are starting all over again and we are going to the top.  Gosh it was such a long walk it went on and on and on. It was like it never stopped. Finally we got to the top and I was one of the last people, but everybody was cheering us on so it was so cool. When we got right to the end there was a huge tower and you went up some steps and then there was a really special ladder. It had a roof and everything.

After going up and down the tower we went back another way, it was down heaps of rocks and lots of people slipped, (Including me.) Finally we all got back at the camp and everybody wasn’t allowed in our cabins because they just got cleaned. So we all had our lunch outside and everybody arrived from the other group. Then we all got our bags and went on the bus.

Here comes another long trip!

I did miss a few things. Sorry.

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My Soccer Team, Please Vote!

I am now playing in a soccer team and we are entering a special competition to win equipment for our soccer club. This is how the competition works, you put in a picture or (video) of your soccer team and then the club who gets the most votes wins.

I am trying to get all my blogging buddies to vote so we can win the equipment for our soccer club. We do need a bit more equipment for our club, so please vote.

Click on this link to vote on the website.


I got this photo from flickr cc.

My soccer club is called Springdale fc. We have won lots of our games and I think we are one of the best teams! To vote you go to the video that says Paul.

Hope you vote!

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What is your favourite sport?

Do you like soccer?

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The Mystery Picture Again Revealed!

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You have been waiting for this momment for weeks now and it is finaly here. HORRAY! We had a little brake of the Mystery Pictures and then I put up the post about this Mystery Picture. Now the revealing is finaly here. No one got this picture right this time so we still only have one Mystery Picture winner out of the whole thing, Sophie! Now the Mystery Picture was……….

A mini disco ball!

I hope you really liked this Mystery Picture and that you want another one.

Hope you keep guessing on the next Mystery Pictures!

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The Mystery Picture Again!

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You have been waiting for this momment for a couple of weeks and now it is finally here. The Mystery Picture Again, Yay! Now you might guess this one but it is still very hard. We have only had one winner out of the whole thing and that was, Sophie! But this time we might have another winner? So keep guessing and don’t give up.

Here is the Mystery Picture again!

Hope you guess hard and don’t give up!


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Do you think you might win this time?

Do you think this is the hardest Mystery Picture ever? 


The Hoildays Are Here!

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The hoildays are finaly here after 11 weeks of school. When term ones hoildays were over I just wished for another week and now finaly it is term twos hoildays hooray! I have got alot planed these hoildays including partys and friends coming over. I really do love school and I will miss it so much but I also really like the hoildays. Term two was a great term probably my favourite so far. We did Bike Ed in term two and that was one of the highlights.Everything in term two was fabulous I just can’t chose a favourite. My teacher Miss Jordan is fabulous and I will really miss her also all my friends in 4KJ and 4KM.


In term three we will be having 4KM’s teacher Mrs Morris come back from L.A! Mrs Morris was meeting Mrs Yollis who is one of the teachers that 4KM and 4KJ colabarate with in L.A and she will be back after the hoildays.

Here is a picture of me enjoying the hoildays!

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What do you have planed for the hoildays?

What was your favourite thing in term two?

Are you going to miss school on the hoildays?



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my brother has to do an assignment for health and human develempment by bringing home an interactive baby. This baby has a special chip inside it and it records everything you do with it. The chip also makes the baby cry when it needs it’s bottle and you need to change it’s nappy sometimes. The baby also has different nappys that are colour coded and there is also a special rist band that one person can wear and the baby only responds to one people. My brother got Laqueisha today and she is a very cute baby doll

Here is a picture of me holding Laqueisha


My brother only gets to have Laqueisha for one night. Laqueisha also crys during the night, so my brother will have to wake up and make her happy     .

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Do you think Laqueisha is very cute?

Do you think it would be very annoying to wake in the middle of the night?

Have you ever seen someone have to look after a baby doll before?


Random Acts Of Kindness!

Sometimes you don’t even know that you did something nice for someone and that is called a random act of kindness. It is something you don’t even know you did it. That is why it is called a random act of kindness. You can do anything nice for someone and that is a random act of kindness, but it isn’t like a complement. For example maybye an old lady drops her groceries and you help her pick them up, that is a random act of kindness.

You should do some random acts of kindness sometimes so you are actually helping someone. You might always do random acts of kindness alot or you wouldn’t do much, it doesn’t really matter. If you are just complementing it is not really a random act of kindness!


It is really nice to do a random act of kindness for someone so try to do it for someone and they might do it for you.

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has anyone ever done a random act of kindness for you?

Have you ever done a random act of kindness for someone?

Did you know what a random act of kindness was before I told you?