The Holidays Are Coming To An End!

Wow 2012 went on very quick. All of that fun you had last year has sadly come to an end. I remember nearly everything about last year and I loved it so much. There were so many highlights about last year including, The London Olympics, Easter, Birthdays, Christmas and lastly growing up! Every year Everyone has to grow up, even if they don’t want to it will always happen. 

I had a fabulous Christmas! I got so many awesome things that I am so greatful. My holidays have been so amazing because we now have an  in ground pool. If you have not seen my pool yet, scrowl down on my blog until you see my brand new pool post.


I hope you are enjoying the hoildays as much as I am!

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What did you get for Christmas?

What was your highlight about 2012?

Are you enjoying 2013 so far?

My Brand New Pool!

 My brand new pool!

I have just got a new pool and it is pretty much finished! I have swam in it so many times I lost track. My pool took a while to get finished, but we got there in the end. My pool took so long to get done because we had to get the….. pool shell, the pavers, the concrete, fake grass, the colour bond fence and the glass fence.

On the holidays my brother sister and I went in the pool a lot, we also invited our neighbours over a couple of times and everyone had great fun. We all got to swim in the pool before everything was done, but sometimes the pool gets a little bit cold.

Here is a piture of my finished pool and the fake grass area!

The cord in the pool is just the vacum and the second picture is the fake grass area.

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The Hoildays Are Here!

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The hoildays are finaly here after 11 weeks of school. When term ones hoildays were over I just wished for another week and now finaly it is term twos hoildays hooray! I have got alot planed these hoildays including partys and friends coming over. I really do love school and I will miss it so much but I also really like the hoildays. Term two was a great term probably my favourite so far. We did Bike Ed in term two and that was one of the highlights.Everything in term two was fabulous I just can’t chose a favourite. My teacher Miss Jordan is fabulous and I will really miss her also all my friends in 4KJ and 4KM.


In term three we will be having 4KM’s teacher Mrs Morris come back from L.A! Mrs Morris was meeting Mrs Yollis who is one of the teachers that 4KM and 4KJ colabarate with in L.A and she will be back after the hoildays.

Here is a picture of me enjoying the hoildays!

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What do you have planed for the hoildays?

What was your favourite thing in term two?

Are you going to miss school on the hoildays?