Welcome Back!

As you have noticed I haven’t been blogging for a while but I have still been looking if I have had any new comments. Unforunetly I haven’t got any brand new ones but some from months ago.

Well, now lets get all of that stuff out of the way and here is my welcome back post!

So now I  want to welcome back everyone! Hopefully I will  get all of you guys back because I have lost a lot of my used to be, biggest fans.

When I have been away I have been looking at my class blog! Click here to see,  my class blog.

The school holidays are coming up and I think everyone is really excited!

Here is a list of things I will be doing on the holidays!

  • hanging  with my neighbours.
  • staying up really late.
  • going to my brothers party.
  • running around.
  • having friends over.
  • having sleepovers (maybe.)
  • going in my pool.
  • eating lollies.
  • snuggling in my zebra blankie.

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My Treasured Items!

I have always had items that I haven’t bought with my own money and I call them my treasured items! I call them that because they are from other people and I think that makes them treasured. I have a lot of treasured items and I think you will too.

You can get treasured items for, your Birthday, Christmas, Easter, or just getting something when you go shopping.

Here is a phtotpeach quiz of some of my treasured items! 

My Total Girl Prize!

The other week I won a prize from a magazine called Total Girl! I collect Total Girl and every month a new magazine comes out. In the mag there is a competition called a prize pool and there are prizes up for grabs. All you need to do is answer a question (in 25 words or less) and choose the prize you want out of all of them. (You also have to put all your details in.) After that you post it off and you have entered.

I always say I’m never going to win because it is pretty hard to win out of all the people that read that magazine and enter, but the other week I got a ginormous parcel that had Total Girl prizes in it because I………………………..WON! YAY! I was so shocked when I won but so happy at the same time!

Here is a small Photo Peach of the three prizes I won!

My Total Girl Prizes! on PhotoPeach


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The Collective!

Yesterday I saw The Collective perform in Market Square! The Collective are an Australian band that was put together by the judges on the T.V series The X Factor. They are trying to get big all around the world but first they had to do a performance which was at Market Square yesterday!

Their biggest idols are One Direction and they want to become just like them.

There are five members in the band (like One Direction) and these are their names: Trent Bell, Jayden Sierra, Will Singe, Julian De Vizo and Zach Russell. My favourite out of The Collective is Jayden Sierra!

The Collective only have one song at the moment (called surrender) and all the rest are covers of songs.

Here is a picture of the awesome band!

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The Revealing Of the Mystery Picture Of People!

Now it is time for the revealing. I know you have all been waiting for it and I also know that I took a while but it is now time. The Mystery Picture Person is…………

Harry Styles!

We also have one winner well done to Hannah!

Better luck next time!

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The New Mystery Picture?

Now I have a new idea about the Mystery Picture and it is called……..

The Mystery Picture of People!

The Mystery Picture of people is when I get a picture of a famous person and then pixilate the picture. Now guess what you have to do, guess who the famous person is! Here is the first one and you will probably get this, but they get harder and harder each time, so put your thinking caps on and get ready.

Here it is……

Good luck to everyone!

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The Holidays Are Coming To An End!

Wow 2012 went on very quick. All of that fun you had last year has sadly come to an end. I remember nearly everything about last year and I loved it so much. There were so many highlights about last year including, The London Olympics, Easter, Birthdays, Christmas and lastly growing up! Every year Everyone has to grow up, even if they don’t want to it will always happen. 

I had a fabulous Christmas! I got so many awesome things that I am so greatful. My holidays have been so amazing because we now have an  in ground pool. If you have not seen my pool yet, scrowl down on my blog until you see my brand new pool post.


I hope you are enjoying the hoildays as much as I am!

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The Mystery Picture Back in Action (Revealed!)

You have been waiting for this moment and now it is here, the revealing of the latest Mystery Picture. But firstly before I reveal the Mystery Picture I always have to say the Msytery Picture blogger of the week and the person is……….


Great job to Liv for winning the Mystery Picture blogger of the week award! We finally have people that have won the Mystery Picture award and there is actually two people that have won it and they are……

Skye and Bronte

Well done to Skye and Bronte! All those people that won those awards are truly amazing bloggers!

Now I will reveal the Mystery Picture and it was……

My Doona Cover!

Wow what a really weird Mystery Picture, you wouldn’t have guessed that.

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The Mystery Picture is Back in Action!

Hi guys, today I am back with another Mystery Picture!  This Mystery Picture is going to be very interesting, because it is not going to be the same as last time and it is not going to be very hard. I hope you enjoy this Mystery Picture.

Now before I say what the Mystery Picture is, I just want to ask if anyone remembers about the Mystery Picture Blogger of the Week! Just to refresh your memory it is, whoever leaves the most comments on the Mystery Picture post and saying what you think the picture is.

Now I will reveal the Mystery Picture……


Hmmmmm… what do you think the mystery Picture is?

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My Brand New Pool!

 My brand new pool!

I have just got a new pool and it is pretty much finished! I have swam in it so many times I lost track. My pool took a while to get finished, but we got there in the end. My pool took so long to get done because we had to get the….. pool shell, the pavers, the concrete, fake grass, the colour bond fence and the glass fence.

On the holidays my brother sister and I went in the pool a lot, we also invited our neighbours over a couple of times and everyone had great fun. We all got to swim in the pool before everything was done, but sometimes the pool gets a little bit cold.

Here is a piture of my finished pool and the fake grass area!

The cord in the pool is just the vacum and the second picture is the fake grass area.

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Do you have a pool at home?

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