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 Hi I’m Jess and I am a  student at Leopold Primary School in 4KJ.

Now I will tell you a little bit about myself, 

My favourite colour is red because I think it is a nice colour and it brightens up my day.

My favourite food is Prawn crackers because the are very yummy and they have a suprising flavour.

I like to play all different kinds of sports but I am not good at some. My favourite sport would have to be running because you can run all different courses.


I love spending time with my family and friends because you get to play around and get to know your family and friends a bit better.

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9 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. HI Jess

    I am really loving your blog, you have been working very hard on it to keep it interesting and fun. I liked your post about yourself and think it is really nice that you enjoy spending time with your family, I do too!

    I like the colour purple, but also like red and black. I didn’t know that your favourite food was prawn crackers, it used to be soup! You are very good at most sports that you play but running seems to be a favourite of yours and always has been. I think soccer is pretty cool too though.

    Keep up the good work and happy blogging!

    Love Mum xxx

    • Dear mum,

      Thank you so much for the comment, I am really loving reading your comments!

      I know nearly everything about you so you don’t have to tell me everything.
      Yes, my favourite food used to be soup and it is still one of them but my ultimate food is prawn crackers.

      Running has always been my favourite sport, but I still lots more.


  2. Hello Jess,

    I love your blog, its very colourful, creative and say’s alot about you.

    You know that I like running as well because that is one thing that I am good at, my favourite colour is purple and prawn crackers do have a suprising taste, but I can’t go past spaghetti because it is Amazing!

    Love from Bronte xoxo 🙂

    • Dear Bronte,

      Thank you so much for your comment, you are a fabulous blogger!

      I also think my blog is very cool and creative.
      I knew that you love running because you are very fast and you always tell me about running.
      I thought your favourite colour was blue but now it is purple. I also think that prawn crackers have a suprising taste, because they are my favourite food.
      I think spaghetti is very nice too!

      See you soon,
      Jess 😆

  3. Dear Jess,

    I knew everything about you exept for the prawn crackers? (:
    Your blog is going great and I can’t wait to see your blog in the future. 🙂
    My favourite colour is blue and turquoise. Good Luck for the future.

    From Breanna.

    • Dear Breanna,

      Thank you so much for the comment, you are such a good blogger now!
      I thought I told you that I love prawn crackers? Anyway I also thin k my blog is going great.

      I also knew that was your favourite colour.

      See you soon,
      Jess 😆

  4. Dear Jess,

    Your blog is looking great at the moment.

    My favrite colour would have to black purple and maybe blue.

    Well I hope you are having a good time with your family

    From Jemma

  5. Dear Jess,

    Remember me Iesha? I do like prawn crackers they do have an interesting flavour. Like Bronte I can’t go past spaghetti, but my favourite food is the potato. (So many possibilities….)

    I don’t really like the colour red. My favourite colour is aqua/light blue. But I hate dark blue. I don’t know why.

    I do like running but I like horse riding the best, followed by soccer. Then maybe a little bit of football. Because I’m a high kicker that’s all.

    From your past friend,
    Iesha 😀 :mrgreen:

    • Dear Iesha,

      Hi, I am so happy that you remembered me! I actually thought you would forget about me.

      Well I can see that we don’t have a lot in common. I never thought we really did anyway.

      I really hope we can chat later on and that we can keep in contact.

      Hope to see you soon,


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