My Total Girl Prize!

The other week I won a prize from a magazine called Total Girl! I collect Total Girl and every month a new magazine comes out. In the mag there is a competition called a prize pool and there are prizes up for grabs. All you need to do is answer a question (in 25 words or less) and choose the prize you want out of all of them. (You also have to put all your details in.) After that you post it off and you have entered.

I always say I’m never going to win because it is pretty hard to win out of all the people that read that magazine and enter, but the other week I got a ginormous parcel that had Total Girl prizes in it because I………………………..WON! YAY! I was so shocked when I won but so happy at the same time!

Here is a small Photo Peach of the three prizes I won!

My Total Girl Prizes! on PhotoPeach


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