The New Mystery Picture?

Now I have a new idea about the Mystery Picture and it is called……..

The Mystery Picture of People!

The Mystery Picture of people is when I get a picture of a famous person and then pixilate the picture. Now guess what you have to do, guess who the famous person is! Here is the first one and you will probably get this, but they get harder and harder each time, so put your thinking caps on and get ready.

Here it is……

Good luck to everyone!

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Who do you think the person is?

Do you like the new idea?

11 thoughts on “The New Mystery Picture?

  1. Dear Jess,
    hey! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I can’t think of one idea, theses idea just popped up in my head, most likely not right.
    Bruno Mars
    Haha! that’s all I could think of! ๐Ÿ˜†

    Sorry, dinners ready.

    Your class mate,
    Bronte ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  2. Dear Bronte,

    Thank you so much for the comment you are such a great blogger!

    I have been waiting for someone to leave a comment on this post and finally you have!

    Hmmmm….. Good try but it is not Bruno Mars. I totally forgot about him and I wouldn’t think anyone would guess him.



  3. Dear Jess,

    I think it is Harry Styles off One Direction.

    One direction is my favorite band.

    Harry Styles has got big curly hair and on the picture it has got the same hair. I can also recanise his face.

    Last weak I got a poster book about 1D and I look in it every day, and I can image his face

    Sweat blog, I love it.

    From your friend,

    • Dear Hannah,

      Thank you so much for the comment I am really happy that I got another comment!

      Well….. I can’t tell you if you are right or wrong because I am trying not to tell anyone.
      I know that I told Bronte but I actually wasn’t going to tell her.

      Who is your favourite from ID? Mine is Harry!


  4. Dear Jess,

    You probly don’t know me but I’v comented on your blog before. I think the mystery person is Gurtrude Elion she is a famous scientist. She died in North Carilonia Febraury 21 ,1999.And yes I think the new idea is awsome it is my favourite one yet! By the way if you want to answer me back you can reach me at http://www.Missbacks

    your friend,

    • Dear Layla,

      Thank you for the comment!

      I don’t think I remember you, but you might have commented on my blog before.

      I can’t tell anyone who it is yet but you will find out soon.


  5. Dear Jess,

    well I asked my brother and he said that it looks “that weirdo from that 1D thingy group” (he hates them) then I thought it looked like Harry (personly he’s my fave, not because of looks)

    Your friend,
    Bronte :mrgreen:

    • Dear Bronte,

      Thanks for the comment, you are such an amazing blogger!

      I wish I could tell you, but now I am not telling anyone because then I will give it away.


  6. Dear Jess,

    You may not know me, but I’m Tristan, from Mr. Avery’s Class. I believe this Mystery Picture is One Direction’s Harry Styles. I just love One Direction. Do you? I was also rewarded a blog. It’s:
    Hopefully we could be “Blogging Buddies.”

    Tristan~ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dear Tristan,

      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, you are such a great blogger!

      I do love One Direction but I can not tell you if you got it right or not because that will spoil it!

      I hope that we can be blogging buddies soon too.


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