The Mystery Picture Back in Action (Revealed!)

You have been waiting for this moment and now it is here, the revealing of the latest Mystery Picture. But firstly before I reveal the Mystery Picture I always have to say the Msytery Picture blogger of the week and the person is……….


Great job to Liv for winning the Mystery Picture blogger of the week award! We finally have people that have won the Mystery Picture award and there is actually two people that have won it and they are……

Skye and Bronte

Well done to Skye and Bronte! All those people that won those awards are truly amazing bloggers!

Now I will reveal the Mystery Picture and it was……

My Doona Cover!

Wow what a really weird Mystery Picture, you wouldn’t have guessed that.

Comment on:

Would you like to win the Mystery Picture?

What has been your favourite Mystery Picture so far?

Are you happy that those people won?

3 thoughts on “The Mystery Picture Back in Action (Revealed!)

  1. Dear Jess,

    Yay! The Mystery Picture is revealed! And yay, I got Mystery Picture Blogger of the week. Thanks for that Jess.

    Congratulations to Skye and Bronte who won the Mystery Picture! I’m really happy for you! I thought it was something silky but just didn’t know exactly what it was. On the next Mystery Picture, I’m going to try really super hard.

    My favourite Mystery Picture so far has been every single one of them, but I really liked the mini disco ball. I knew it was something sparkly, but, again, not exactly what is was.

    Your friend,
    Liv 🙂

    • Dear Liv,

      You are still commenting on my blog, what a true blogger you are!

      I always enjoy reading your comments because you never have any mistakes and they are so entertaining!
      I never ever want you to stop commenting on my blog, because you are an amazement.

      YAY! you got the Mystery Picture Blogger of the Week I am so happy for you, well done.
      You are also so nice saying well done to the other people that won, give yourself a pat on the back.

      One day I think that you will get the Mystery Picture. Don’t give up on yourself yet Liv.

      Yes, the mini disco ball was my favourite too.
      I think it was the best one because it was very hard for some people.


  2. Hey there Jess! You may have seen my blog before at but if you haven’t I’m Tessa 🙂 and I ADORE your blog! Its so cute! I know Bronte……well I frequently chat with her. But I live in America so the time difference is complicated to work out a day and time agreed with both plus she still needs skype. But enough of that, Iv’e seen your blog before but haven’t hade timme to comment! 😳 Anyways, It’s always nice to find younger people enjoying there blog but I’m only 12 almost 13 so I may not be the most experienced blogger but I learned from the best! (My former 6th grade teacher from last year Mr.Avery!) I’m sure you’ve seen his blog or at least heard of him…sorry this is a little long. I know your blog has great potential if you keep up the good work! Maybe you’ll even get more visitors like me since I have like 5,600 something. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

    -Tessa :mrgreen:

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