The Mystery Picture is Back in Action!

Hi guys, today I am back with another Mystery Picture!  This Mystery Picture is going to be very interesting, because it is not going to be the same as last time and it is not going to be very hard. I hope you enjoy this Mystery Picture.

Now before I say what the Mystery Picture is, I just want to ask if anyone remembers about the Mystery Picture Blogger of the Week! Just to refresh your memory it is, whoever leaves the most comments on the Mystery Picture post and saying what you think the picture is.

Now I will reveal the Mystery Picture……


Hmmmmm… what do you think the mystery Picture is?

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What do you think the mystery Picture is?

Do you think you can be the mystery picture blogger of the week?

Are you happy that the mystery Pictures are back in action?

11 thoughts on “The Mystery Picture is Back in Action!

  1. Dear Jess,

    I’m glad that the mystery picture is back in action, I love it! 🙂

    Well I think it could be:
    A silk blanket, dress, pillow or hair tie, the big bunchy tie.

    Even this one is hard for me. 😳

    Well, I better go!

    Your class mate,
    Bronte P.S What happened to your background, the shapes that moved?

    • Dear Bronte,

      Thank you so much for the comment, I think you could get the Mystery Picture blogger of the week again!

      Well I am now going to write in my reply’s that you will have to wait and see if you got it write.
      Yes it is pretty hard.

      I had to change the back round because Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan said it was distracting.


  2. Dear Jess,

    I love the ‘ Mystery Picture’ idea. 🙂 You make each picture quite hard but I will have a go.

    I think this picture looks like a type of material. Maybe a pillow or a bed cover.

    Can’t wait until you reveal the mystery picture,


    • Dear Skye,

      Thank you so much for the comment, you are an amazing blogger!

      I think this one might be the easiest so far.
      I am now not going to tell anyone if they got it right until I reveal the picture.


  3. Dear Jess,

    I’m so glad the Mystery Picture is back! I love the Mystery Picture as people can have their say of what they think.

    Ahhhhh…. Yep, you’re right, this is pretty much the hardest one ever.

    A lot, (and I mean a lot!) of things could definitely be the colour, pink.

    But, I think that it could be:
    A pink silk pillow
    A pink disco ball.
    Or, a pink folder!

    Get my suggestions…

    Can’t wait til it’s revealed!

    -Liv 😆

    • Dear Liv,

      Thanks so much for the comment, you are such an amazing blogger!

      Wow I thought this one was pretty easy because I wanted a lot of people to get it right, but maybe it is very hard.
      I also love the mystery Pictures because it is anybodys chose of what they guess.

      Sorry I can’t tell you if you got it right or not, because I am now not going to tell anyone who wins until I reveal it.
      Remember try to leave the most comments to win The Mystery Picture Blogger Of The Week Award!


      • Dear Jess,

        Thanks for a reply!

        Will you give away any hints?…

        Bon, who is sitting right next to me had a guess. Well, it wasn’t really a guess at all, she didn’t know what it was! But she ended up thinking of something silky.

        I just looked at Bronte’s comment. They look like pretty good guesses actually!

        How many times have you done the Mystery Blogger of the Week?


        Check out my new post. You’ll NEVER guess who it’s about! 🙂

        • Dear Liv,

          Thank you so much for the comment, you are in the lead of getting the Mystery Picture Blogger of the Week Award!

          Hmmmm…. I am not really sure if I should give you away any hints, but now I just thought of something.
          I will give you away a secret hint in this comment and you will have to try and figure out what it is.

          Hahahah, that is so good that you got Bon to give it a try. Silky? I think your sister might be on to something.

          Yes, Brontes guesses were pretty good, I think you might have some competition Liv.

          I have done the Mystery Picture blogger of the Week twice, including this time.


          • @ Jess,

            Thanks for your, speedy reply! It was great. We are having a great conversation.

            I think that’s a big achievement, earning Mystery Picture blogger of the week. And I’m in the running for it!

            Oh, yeah, great hint. Do you mind if I say the hint in my comment? Oh well, here goes. Is it something silky? It was a pretty good way of saying a hint actually.

            I do have lots of competition, don’t I?

            You know Jess, I’d just like to say to you that your blog and every single one of your posts is outstandingly amazing. You truly are a great blogger.

            – Liv

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