My Brand New Pool!

 My brand new pool!

I have just got a new pool and it is pretty much finished! I have swam in it so many times I lost track. My pool took a while to get finished, but we got there in the end. My pool took so long to get done because we had to get the….. pool shell, the pavers, the concrete, fake grass, the colour bond fence and the glass fence.

On the holidays my brother sister and I went in the pool a lot, we also invited our neighbours over a couple of times and everyone had great fun. We all got to swim in the pool before everything was done, but sometimes the pool gets a little bit cold.

Here is a piture of my finished pool and the fake grass area!

The cord in the pool is just the vacum and the second picture is the fake grass area.

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4 thoughts on “My Brand New Pool!

  1. Dear Jess,

    Wow, what a terrific looking pool you have! I have a feeling you would have gone for a swim in the pool after school today, as it was pretty warm. A refreshing swim on a hot day is a great way to relax.

    I don’t have a pool at my house, but my parents have one. In fact, in the three houses I lived in with my family, all of the houses have had a pool!

    I also like your grass area. It is very convenient to have that fake grass, as your mum and dad don’t need to worry about mowing it.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy many summer days in your pool!

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,

    Thank you for the awesome comment!

    I also think my pool is very teriffic looking. I have swam in it so many times because it is that awesome.

    Yes I did swim in it yesterday and so did my brother. My sister would have, but instead she went to her friends dance concert.

    Wow, you had a pool at very single house you lived in, that is so cool. We have been waiting for the pool for ten years. My mum thought it would be great to get a pool ten years ago, but it never happened.

    Yes, I do like the fake grass, it is very sothing on your feet and when you put your towl on there and lay it is so comfortable.


    • Dear Georgia,

      Thank you so much for the comment, you are really getting the hang of blogging!

      Yes, swimming in my pool is lots of fun, but I don’t always get to swim in it.
      I hope you get a pool one day because you will love it.


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