The Mystery Picture That You Have Been Waiting For……….. Revealed!

Hey everybody I am back with another Mystery Picture revealing! Gosh we haven’t had that in a while. I still remember the first ever Mystery Picture and Sophie was the winner of that one. I can’t believe it was that long ago.

I am so excited if the revealing of this Mystery Picture but before I reveal it I will say if there is a winner or not and……..

No one won this time, but good try to everyone who commented on my post! Some of you also might have seen my latest post which was The Mystery Picture Blogger Of The Week and Bronte Was the winner of it from all the Mystery Picture throughtout the year.

Now for the Mystery Picture That You Have All Been Waiting has come to an end

The Mystery Picture Was………

A red folder!

I know this one was very hard and I don’t think any one would of guessed it, but good try anyway!

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Do you think you would of guessed the Mystery Picture?

Do you remember the first ever Mystery Picture?

Did you have a guess on my Mystery Picture Post?

2 thoughts on “The Mystery Picture That You Have Been Waiting For……….. Revealed!

  1. Hello Jess

    I love your blog! I am not surprised you have your own blog as you always enjoyed writing and sharing your ideas.

    I also like the voki but my eyes went funny after I looked at it too long!

    I love the Mystery Picture idea too, brilliant.

    Once Upon a Time is one of my favourite television shows too. I can’t wait for the next season.

    Be good!

    Kind regards

    Mr Scott

    • Dear Mr Scott,

      I see you went and looked at my blog and also you do remember me!
      In grade two I think I got the blogging award wait yeah I did it is in my room with all my trophies.

      Sometimes the voki does make your eyes go a bit weird, but I still love my voki.
      My mum came up the Mystery Picture idea but now I am coming up with even more ideas for it.

      I also can’t wait for the next season I think it is going to be brilliant!
      That is now one of my favourite T.V shows since it came out!

      Keep commenting,
      Jess 😆

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